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eSMS and Farm to School celebrate World Food Day

by katelyn boulanger Farm to School brought the veggies to East Selkirk Middle School Oct. 11 allowing students to celebrate World Food Day with a nutritious snack. ?We really wanted to participate in World Food Day because the theme for this year was climate change and how important sustainability is to combat, what climate change is doing to our environment and how that is changing the food that we are eating,? the project coordinator for the Farm to School program, Chinweoke Asagwara said. Farm to School sells bundles of vegetables through school fundraising with 50% of the proceeds from bundles sold going to the school?s fundraiser. ?East Selkirk Middle School has participated in the Farm to School Fundraiser

The goal was for everyone that participated to learn a little bit more about it and then go on and make changes in their own lives

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from the very beginning. We are now in our seventh year of the fundraiser. They are very aware of the fundraiser and how it helps their community and the vegetables and the nutritional components of the vegetables that they are eating,? Asagwara said. Farm to School brought bundled veggies for the students to use in a meal that they put together for a group of younger children. ?They used the vegetables in the bundles, potatoes, carrots, and parsnips to make veggie fries. The really fun part was that there is a daycare, Hand in Hand daycare, which is right beside the middle school, and so we invited some of the young kids, about ten children about four and five years old to come,? Asagwara said. ?The older kids prepared the veggie fries cooked the veggie fries and talked to the kids about what?s in them and why they are nutritious and then everyone got to try them at the end.? World food day is celebrated every year on Oct. 16 marking the creation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. It is a day of action against hunger. ?The goal was for everyone that participated to learn a little bit more about it and then go on and make changes in their own lives,? Asagwara said.

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Congratulations to the Winners of the Draw Each winner has won a $250 gift card for recycling at the ECO Centre location as listed: Traverse Bay Walter Fey ? Canadian Tire Tyler Green ? Home Depot Georges Mackay ? Home Hardware Art Lavoie ? Rona Irwin Kumka ? Sears Maurice Carriere ? Walmart St. Georges D. Allison ? Canadian Tire Earl Elliot ? Home Depot Ken Dankowski ? Home Hardware Ian Cyr ? Rona Ryan Esser ? Sears Bob Main ? Walmart Thank you to all participants! Please continue to recycle your oil, filters, antifreeze and containers! Sponsored by MARRC Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corp. 1-888-410-1440 The Selkirk Journal ?? Thursday, October 27, 2016 5 SubMitteD Photo Students at East Selkirk Middle School prepare potatoe, carrot and parsnip veggie chips from the Farm to School program in celebration of World Food Day.



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